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How can I count a specific character in a single cell

Q . How can I count a specific character in a single cell ?

Ans.  In simple way  there  in no way to count a character in a single cell, but you can do it with different way. 

Follow this 

Step1. Calculate length of the Cell with   “=Len” formula. Shown below-

Step2. Substitute special character, with “=Substitute” Formula. See image below-

Step3. Find length of the cell after substitute.See image below-

Step4.Calculate Substitute of both lens (step2.-step3.). See image -

Step5. Merge the all formulas. see image-

 Summary- With this formulla we can count any charecter. step4's value is the count of the specific characters. If any doubts you can contact me. Contact Us
Click here to get Exercise file Count A Specific Character in a Single Column .Thanks In advance.


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