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Hack your Excel: Unprotect Excel sheet without Password (No VBA, No Software)

Hack your Excel: Unprotect Excel sheet without Password 

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      Have you forgotten MS Excel sheet’s password and you are trying to get it done from google, trust me you will redirect to various websites? They suggest you download their software, add-ins applications. But will not solve your purpose. Read this full article and follow the steps. You will be able to make an Excel password remover. And You will be able to unprotect excel sheet online.

Try this trick

          Here is the way you which can help you to crack your excel sheet password and unlock excel file. This article will help you to "Unprotect you protected sheet without a password".

Please mind this with this trick you can only unprotect SHEETS, not the WORKBOOKs.
We have two well known methods here which you can use for this purpose. See below:

Method 1. Using PassCue for Excel

Instantly Remove Worksheet Password with PassCue for Excel

Using a tool to recover lost Excel password is quite a professional approach taken by most of the computer experts since it reduces effort and time. Thus we have chose a best Excel Password Recovery tools of all time.

One that we are going to take up for discussion is PassCue Excel Password Recovery, which can quickly recover your lost Excel open password with three attack types (Dictionary attack, Brute-force attack and mask attack), one of  the most effective attack is mask attack, which can ensure 98% success rate of password recovery. Besides, PassCue for Excel can be able to instantly remove worksheet/workbook protection without damaging internal data. It supports recovering open password from all Excel version like Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016.

Step 1. Download the PassCue for Excel to your operational computer. Install and run it as an admin. Then select the second options “Remove Excle worksheet/workbook password” 

Step 2. Click the Add Files button to batch import your locked Excel files to program, and click Start button, it will remove protection at a time.


If you forgot your Excel password, just free download Passcue for Excel to recover your Excel password now!

Method 2. Unlock excel file without any software.

Please do following necessary changes in your system as shown below:-
Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be put into practice unless you have authorized access to the files you are trying to break into.

1. Open Control Panel and Select Folder Option

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2. Menu bar click View and Do uncheck the “Hide Extensions from known files types”. Click Apply and OK.
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Now your system is ready for unprotect sheets without the password.

Follow the steps shown below:

1. Select the Desired Excel File, change extension (Press F2) .zip.

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2. Open zipped Folder

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3. Open xl folder and forget about others.

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4. In the xl folder, you will get few more folders, open worksheets folder and forget about others.

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5. In the worksheets folder, you will able to see all your sheets with are already in your protected sheet.

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6. Extract you protected sheet in a new folder(outside the current zipped folder).
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7. Open the file with Notepad or Right Click on the file and select Edit option.
8. If you are using MS office version 2007/2010 then search  <sheetProtection password=****/> tag  and delete it.

9. If you are using MS office version 2013 then search  < sheetProtection algorithmName=****/> tag  and delete it.

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10. Save the file and Close. Replace new XML file with the original XML files which are in the Zipped folder.

11. Close the zipped file.

12. Change the extension from .zip to .xlsx.

Enjoy you have unprotected the sheets successfully.

Most commonly used Excel formulas.

Thanks For reading, I hope you got your problem. Please like and share this article on facebook if you found this useful. You can also comment your queries for fast response.

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