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Excel Basics Class 1- Customising the Excel Interface as per our need

Customising the Excel Interface as per our need

As You all are asked and most of you registers for Basics of MS Excel, So we are starting from MS Excel basics. This course is designed for Excel beginners. We will discuss only basics and we will start from custom setting of Excel. You can also join the live classes by subscribing our email lists. We will discuses each and every single point witch we need to learn. You can also view the Full video of class.

Today's topic is Customising the Excel Interface as per our need

So lets start 

Go to Excel Option by clicking File Tab (left of the Excel Sheet) --> Option
Excel Option window will appear as shown below:-

this is for the excel 2010 user if you are using 2007 you can go by clicking Office button (read the article for Excel 2007 training)

In the Excel options tab there are 10 sections you will able to see.
  • General
  • Formulas
  • Proofing
  • Save
  • Languages
  • Advanced
  • Custumize Ribbon
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add ins
  • Trust Center

So lets start with 

1. General Excel option

Simply click the General then you will be able to see a some options as shown in above picture.
  • User interface option
  • When creating new workbooks
  • Personalise your Microsoft office
User interface option
Show Mini Toolbar- If we unchecked this option we will not able to see mini toolbar as shown in below image (please see the video for full clarification)

Enable live preview- when we do formatting we can see live effects by do checked this option.
I personally recommend Please do not Unchecked the both of options.

When creating new workbooks
when creating new workbooks as the point is saying itself, when we open the new workbook what we want in that. like witch font colour, which font style, and which font format you want a new sheet. we can customising these options as per our requirements. We can set that how many sheet we want in each new workbook, we can increase or decrease the sheets counts by minimum 1 to maximum 256.

Personalise your Microsoft office
You can write your name here  and Excel will change the property and set your name as the author for the each workbooks.
"Formulas and proofing we can skip because we do not need to discuss these point at this moment we will discuss it later in advanced Excel classes."

2. Save 

Click the save next to the Proofing and you will able to see the Save tab's area as shown in image below:-

in this option only two points are very important and we will discuss about only these. Please do not change any other option left as default except these.
  • Save workbooks in this format
  • Default file location
Save workbooks in this format
in this section we can set and change a the file Extensions (.xls, .xlsx, .csv) for our all new workbooks. Like we are working for a client and and our client operates Excel 2003. And we are using Excel 2010 or 2013. Then our files will save as .xlsx Format by default. Hence it will be not function fully and will be corrupt also some time. So by using this option we ca set a Default File type.

Default file location
In Ms Office default file save location is My Documents. But we can change it by pasting the required location in the bar.
"next is Languages tab and we can skip, we do not need to discuss about this because we all are using English language for Excel."

That's all for the First class next five options we will discuss in the next classes.
please join the live sessions  because in which i will try to answer your questions right there. You can also watch full class video on my Youtube channel by clicking here. join our mailing list to get each single information on your email.

Happy Learning

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