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Hack your Excel ! Creating - Editing your own Custom list

Today's topic is creating a Custom List

Today we are going to discuss about custom lists, first you need to know that what is a Custom List in Excel? When ever we write Sunday or any day name and after we drags down, the Excel simply creates a list of days like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc. Its also happens when we write and drag a Month name. Like below mentioned video.

So how its happens ? All these questions are comes into our mind.

Q1. What is a Custom List ?
Q2. Can we create a Custom List of ours?
Q3. How to Edit an Custom List ?
Q4. How a Custom List works ?

You don't worry. all these questions will be answered in this article.

"see the video for full example and and practice session"

Follow the below mentioned steps carefully

Step 1 - Click on files tab in (Excel 2010). If you are using Excel 2007 then click on Office Button (right-top button).

Step 2 - Click on Options. Excel option window will appear.
Step 3 - Click on the Advanced tab. Left sixth from top. And drag till last. You will able t see Edit Custom list button as shown below image. Click Edit Custom Lists.

Step 4 - Write your entries by separating commas. (Sun, Moon, Earth, etc)

Step 5 - Click Add and Then Click OK.

Congratulations Your custom list has been added
Let's check it, Close Excel and open a saved file then write any of the words of the list and drag. Smile if working and do let me know if any error occurs.
Check now.

You can also delete any custom list my click Delete (Down to OK)

Happy Learning

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