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Hack your Whatsapp - How to unblock Yourself on Whatsapp

Hi Friend its been long time to see you. Believe me, I missed you a lot. I am here to tell you how to unblock yourself on Whatsapp.

"Disclaimer - This post is for educational purpose only, please do not misuse it. Happy Leaning."
How to hack Whatapp

Follow the below mentioned steps to Unblock yourself on Whatsapp:

  1.  Go to Setting.

    How to hack Whatapp
  2.  Click On Account.
    How to hack Whatapp
  3.  Now Click on Delete my account.
    How to hack Whatapp
  4.  Enter Your Phone number and
    How to hack Whatapp
After Deleting your account, Uninstall the Whatsapp from your device. After uninstalling, restart your device. After restarting the device follow the below mentioned steps.
  1.  Download WhatsApp again from Google Play store or other app stores.
  2.  Install With the same number. Fill Other details.
  3.  Now You have a new Whatsapp Account with the same number and its      unblocked from all accounts they have blocked you. Enjoy.

Happy learning.

This post is only to let you know the possibilities. This is not a hack or a hacking idea. It is a general Whatsapp Trick that we all should know. In case of any emergency we can use it.

Its better to ask your friend for the region behind it, Try to understand his/Her concerns, feel sorry, ask apology. After ask his/her to unblock rather than unblocking yourself with a trick. Friendship is more important than our ego.


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