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Hello friends I am  Neeraj Kumar, Welcome to the Independent learning- Excel Classes.

And today we are going to learn that how can we create an automated cricket scorecard in our Excel File. Please follow the below mentioned steps carefully to get it.

Cricket score in excel

How get live cricket score on our excel sheet

1.  Firstly open your excel sheet and click Data tab like mention below screenshot.

2.    Click From Web Tab

3. Copy website URL Where do you take data from any cricket live score website.
     and pest open tap then press go.

     if you have receive any script error popup like mention screenshot press yes all time

4. Click yellow box.

5.  After click yellow box , box color change in green.

6. Click Import button

7. Select Range where you want get score.

8. After import data you get cricket score on your excel sheet.

9.  If you want score update automatic then press Data tab  then connection mention as              screenshot.

10. After open Dialog Box Click Properties tab

11. Click Refresh Every and fill minute As you wish.  

Thank you for your time. I hope it will help you to learn Excel tricks. Stay tuned for more cool excel tricks. Click here to watch excel training videos. Share if you have liked it.

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