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Article writing competition - write and win up to 1000 INR

This article is intended to inform you that we are organizing a Article writing completion for all amateur bloggers. This contest is taken place to motivate to share your thoughts, experiences, knowledge. No matter how good you are in writing or how your article is. Let’s express your words and get prizes to and let the world decide about your writing skills, presentation and your idea. We will appreciate you with exciting prices, certificates.

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Prizes and appreciations

This contest have lots of exiting prices and appreciation for all the Participants. Please find below:

  • First prize - (A) 500 INR Paytm Cash. (B) Free entry for next Mega Contest. (C) A Appreciation certificate from The independent Leaning.
  • Second Prize - (A) 300 INR Paytm Cash. (B) Free entry for next Mega Contest. (C) A Appreciation certificate from The independent Leaning.
  • Third Prize - (A) 300 INR Paytm Cash. (B) Free entry for next Mega Contest. (C) A Appreciation certificate from The independent Leaning.
  • Complementary Prizes - All participants will be awarded by a certain PayTm cash bonuses.*
Other benefits
  • INR 20 PayTm Cash for first 15 participants.
  • Certificate of participation and complementary prizes for all participants.
  • Blogging related tips and for all participants.
  • Basic excel classes for all participants.

       Register Here

If you are interested in participating in this article writing competition please read the FAQs below.

Q1. How can i participate?

Ans. if you have not any idea about blogger you can simply write your article on a word document and submit to us via email. we will publish behalf of you.
If you are a blogger and you have the idea about how to write the posts on blog-spot then you can simply register here and we will provide you login id and password and you can easily access the page where you write.

Q1. Who can participate?

Ans. Anyone. From any country.

Q2. What type of articles are required?

Ans. This contest is open for any type of content. Read the points below:
a. A good post must have minimum 800 words, and minimum a picture. 
b. Not any adult only content or fake news. 
c. All information source will be trust worthy to avoid legal actions. 
d. Try to come up with your own idea. 
e. You can write a story, your travel experience, any article related to technology, mythology, Science fiction etc.

Q3. What is the procedure to decide the winners?

Ans. Your articles will be shared on social media. We are not only the person that decide which article is the best one. We will track how much people are liking your content and sharing on social media. Article with maximum engagements will win the contest.

See the details below:
a. 1 click on social media share**  = 2 Votes
b. 1 comment on the Article***     = 1 Vote
c. 1 Unique page view                   = 1 Vote

Read below for few idea that will help you to win this contest.

Of course a good article will attract more visitors, but you can share a modified link with help us to track/count engagements. You can share your article to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other all social media platform to get more visitor to your post. You can ask your friends to read your article and support you. You can also ask them to share your article to social media.

In-short only writing the good post will not let you win you need to market it very well also.

   Register Here

"Please share only the link which provided by us. Unless we will not able to track exact engagements with your social media shares and it will not good for participation."

You can write us at

*Any article less then 100 views will not awarded by any prizes.
**Please do not try to click by yourself because is will be tracked and your  participation will be terminated.
***We will count only 2 comments per unique reader.

Note:- Please avoid spamming. 


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