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How to setup or install or import cookies in Mobile or Android

How to Import Cookies In Mobile or Android or IOS?

Hellooo friends! welcome again in The Independent Learning. I am glad to see you again. Its not so long i wrote something but believe me i missed you all allot. 

As i told you already in previous article, i am trying to write few articles on the blogging tips. My last article was about Cookies setups. Thanks you my friends for your support on this article. One of the friend asked me to provide this information exclusively for mobile. So today we are going to discuss about cookies setting in Mobile or Android or IOS. 

This Article curtains following:-

  • How to Import Cookies In Mobile or Android or IOS?
This is quite simple. there is nothing new is this just we need to use our brain. To import Cookies in Android or IOS or Mobile there is no tools and not a single browser support this feature. But you don't worry my hearts i am here to help you. 

For this you must import cookies in your browser, Read my previous Article for the same. Click Here to read the full article

I assume that you have Imported cookies in your Mozilla Browser now Please follow these simple steps to get it done in Mobile or Android or IOS:-

The idea behind this my friend is very simple, you need to just sync computer browser with your android browser. Follow these steps to get this done:-

Step 1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser in Computer. Click Left Side three horizontal lines see below images.
How to import cookies in mobile or android or IOS

Step 2. Click Don't have an account? Get started.

Step 3. Fill the appeared form and Click Create Account. After verify your account by visit your email inbox.

After this you just need to install Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox Android Application or IOS Application according to your mobile device.

Step 4. Open Mozilla Firefox browser application in your mobile device. Click Up and left side three vertical dots (.), Click Settings.
Step 5. Click first option Sign in. Sign In using your Account you created on Mozilla web Browser. Then refresh the page. See below image for the step.

How to import sync cookies in mobile or android or IOS

After refreshing the page you have done with setup or install or import cookies in Mobile or  Android. Please click here to visit any random website and check, you will be able to see similar ads as you web browser.

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